About us

The HMC Happiness store has been on my to do list for a few years and now 2020 and Covid 19 shut downs have given me the nudge I needed to make it happen. The HMC happiness store is an extension of my core business and gives customers an opportunity to purchase gift items that are fun and useful to add a smile and a little more happiness to the recipients life.

The part I am most excited about is that 10% of all sales will go to support local charities in Manitoba. Currently we are supporting Bravestone Centre and the Movement Centre of Manitoba. Win Win

Happy Monkey Club (HMC) is my main business. HMC is your community for adventure travel, wellness and giving back. I have been focused on delivering events based on my 5 pillars of happiness ( Have Fun, Live Active, Be Positive, Eat Healthy, Give Back) for the last 10 years. Since March of 2020 it has been difficult to deliver these events. My core business relies on the ability to gather in large groups and to travel, therefore it has been a challenge to engage my members. I am still running some online events and now I am excited to add the HMC happiness store for everyone to share a little happiness in a crazy world. 

Top Monkey ~ Carol Ploen-Hosegood

Carol wears many hats in a day—mom, wife, daughter, businesswomen, friend, teammate—and she loves each and every one of them. She shares her love of life and positive energy with all those around her. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a true prairie girl who lives the motto of our province, "Friendly Manitoba”.

Carol is the founder and leader of HMC with a background in sport and recreation, marketing, fundraising and retailing. She pulls on all her experiences and creates a fun, active community of women inspired by healthy living and giving back to others.

Carol lives the HMC lifestyle. Her motto in life is "to die young as old as possible."